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Welcome everyone! The Age of Fear: The Undead King Gold is the outcome of almost seven years of work on the original game, initially released in 2011. Over this period we listened to our amazing Community and implemented new features, mechanics and more content. Lots of new content in fact! Thank you for supporting us - you guys are the best!

First and foremost, we are adding a sandbox layer (extended World Map) to the game while keeping both campaigns. It took us a long time to introduce procedurally generated battles and shops, but the effect is well-worth it - according to our testers it at least doubles the playtime! Oh, did I mention themed factions' (upgradeable) bases?

The Age of Fear universe has evolved tremendously as well during that same period. Through the series, there are now six playable factions, each with its own lore and unique units. Currently, the game features more than two hundred units (from the initial forty) with almost 800 (!) unique spells, abilities and items. That is a lot of variety!

To better introduce the player to the AOF universe, we have added multiple extra dialogues, cinematic battles and legendary landmarks along with events. On top of those expansions, the engine was reworked, graphics were improved and even completely replaced, and the really good AI was enhanced further (which is the trademark of the series!).

I would like to welcome you to the Age of Fear: The Undead King Gold! I hope you will enjoy it at least as much as we did while creating it!

Strategy Guide - the series has grown into a complex creation with multiple intertwined subsystems. Early 2018 players asked why Age of Fear had no guide? Therefore, we have put together the Strategy Guide! (http://age-of-fear.net/downloads/AOFStrategyGuide.pdf)


  • World Map known from Age of Fear series with non-linearity and all special locations!
  • Open World where you can endlessly explore the Age of Fear world. Fans of the series know it's not only randomised battles, but you can also capture enemies and build your own unique team from over 200+ distinct creatures!
  • Global Events that are fired while the player party is on the World Map, à la Battle Brothers. This feature is still being developed and could serve to provide more lore and enrich unit's interactions!
  • Player's Base which can be upgraded as you explore the Age of Fear world. Upgrades will enable additional units, skills and open extra locations!
  • Alignment such as Evil and Holy. This feature has been already introduced into Age of Fear series, but requires more work to make it more impactful - currently the game content is skewed too much toward Evil heroes.
  • Extended Story such as Krill's visions, alternative endings, detailed lore, etc.
  • ...everything else we come up with! - purchase only if you want to have access to the latest features in age of fear series and keep in mind that this is an evolving product.

The above list is not finite. We would also like to experiment more with some mechanics which might be not backward compatible with the current Age of Fear series or un-balance it too much. Therefore, expect changes and more amazing new stuff coming!

Support mail: ageoffeargame@gmail.com

Updated 4 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLeslaw Sliwko
GenreStrategy, Role Playing
TagsDark Humor, Fantasy, Singleplayer, Strategy RPG, Tactical, Turn-based, undead, Zombies


Get this game and 3 more for $22.46 USD
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$24.99 $6.24 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.24 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

age-of-fear-the-undead-king-gold-win-linux-mac-stable.zip 5 GB
Version 248


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I just purchased this and there isn't a steam key in the download page, this is also that way for my purchase of "Age of Fear: The Undead King".  Thanks

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So sorry for that - I will check. Please also email me at support@age-of-fear.net

Edit: the keys are there, please check this guide how to download your keys: https://itch.io/t/67604/how-to-get-a-steam-key-from-your-itchio-purchase

They may be there, but they aren't showing in the download screen.  I will send you a screen shot to the email.

Thank you. I sent keys in email.

Should we be getting a steam key if we purchased this before the keys were available?


Hi there, you can claim your key on itch.io. There are steps:


Got it! Thanks ^_^

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Is there any way to get a proper launch icon? I investigated the files, but can't figure out where an icon is stored. Right now the exe is just a Windows icon...Thank you for this wonderful game--and for your continued support of the series.

Hi there, sure - I need to check how to supplement icons in itch config files.


Thanks much.

So how do you play the game on mac without Steam? None of the .exe works and I have the Mac Zip. 

Ah, please start by aof-start-macosx.command ^^

Awesome! I had to bypass the MacOS security to open it, yesterday it was my fault for not reading it thoroughly when I tried to open macosx.command and it told me it would not open because the app was not purchased through apple app store, so if I wanted to open the app I had to bypass the MacOS. You're the man Leslaw, big fan of your content keep up the good work!

No steam key?

It's not released on Steam yet. Steam keys will be added Jun-2019 (and also send to all current purchases).

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Thx for the fast reply Leslaw. Bought the bundle here on itch to support you.

Another question. What about dlc's for AOF3? Steam only?

Thank you! So far I didn't have time to import it there. Same with Kartridge and Discord - I am automating build bit by bit, but it takes lots of time to refactor it.

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Please check now, I think you should be able to claim you key from Itch now. Steps are here: https://itch.io/t/67604/how-to-get-a-steam-key-from-your-itchio-purchase