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AGE OF FEAR is a long-running series of fantasy turn-based strategy games. Loved by fans for its tabletop wargame battle system and in-depth RPG customization.

AGE OF FEAR: THE FREE WORLD serves as an introduction to the series' tried-and-true gameplay, focusing on nonlinear exploration and combat in an Open World style rather than the story-driven campaigns at the core of previous entries. Choose your faction, build a unique army and embark on countless exciting quests awaiting you throughout the realm!

STRATEGY GUIDE - the series has grown into a complex creation with multiple intertwined subsystems. Early 2018 players asked why Age of Fear had no guide? Therefore, we have put together the Strategy Guide! (http://age-of-fear.net/downloads/AOFStrategyGuide.pdf)


  • NECROMANCER, HUMAN OR ORC - play as the Undead Legion, the Human Kingdom or the Horde, with each faction featuring unique units and mechanics!
  • HEX-FREE BATTLES - test your tactics with a novel movement system where units aren't constrained by artificial grids and size matters!
  • OPEN WORLD - endlessly explore the realm and encounter numerous events that fire on the world map à la Battle Brothers!
  • DEEP BATTLE MECHANICS - learn the basics in a hurry, then master a huge variety of available units, skills and spells!
  • RICH PARTY BUILDING - bribe, enslave, recruit or resurrect any unit that catches your eye, but be weary of mixed group morale penalties!
  • PERMANENT DEATH - accept the grim realities of death where all units that fall in battle stay dead... unless an evil Necromancer raises them as Zombies!
  • ARTEFACTS AND RELICS - discover over 300 unique weapons, armours, potions and treasures, with the rarest granting powerful skills and stat bonuses!
  • LOW HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS - run the the game even on that old potato laptop of yours!

The list above is by no means exhaustive and there are a bunch of exciting developments in store. Get a taste for what the Age of Fear series has to offer, play Age of Fear: The Free World today!

Support mail: ageoffeargame@gmail.com


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The file won't unzip on my linux machine.



Great game, i plan to buy it on steam.


good game download it for free today its on steam too i got it on steam and then got 7 hours in 3 days in the game its fun and free